Help this family bury their newborn daughter.

By Charles McCracken

2016/03/06     0 Comments    

A recent campaign on Help Fund USA is a couple who has suffered a terrible loss. Please help bury their newborn daughter if you can.

February is American Heart month!

By Charles McCracken

2016/01/30     0 Comments    

Help Fund USA is matching all donations on our website for helping someone with heart disease starting February 1st, 2016.

Pray for Savanah.

By Charles McCracken

2016/01/29     0 Comments    

Savanah was in a serious car crash and is in intensive care fighting for her life.

Help Fund USA announces new goal of 100 million for 2016.

By Charles McCracken

2016/01/01     0 Comments    

Crowdfunding website Help Fund USA has announced its new crowdfunding goal of 100 million for the New Year 2016.

Help Fund USA matching donations.

By Charles McCracken

2015/12/13     0 Comments    

Help Fund USA will be matching donations throughout the month of December.