How It Works

We help a person, a group of people or an institution to source for cash donation for their projects.

These donations are meant to kick start that next dream of yours or your association etc into a reality. So be it capital to set up that new business venture you have in mind, or even that money you need to organize a befitting wedding for that spouse of yours to be, and then even in cases of unforeseen circumstance like illness and you or your family need cash to take care of medical expenses and so many other challenges that needs funds for facilitation from time to time.

Your First Step

Prepare A Proposal For Cash Donation

This is the best way to liaise with and cajole your donors for support. You create a write up indicating what you want to use this cash donation for. It is not really necessary but you may also want your donors to know the urgency of this money needed. Remember, it is the sincerity and priority of your proposal that may initiate the amount and the time your donors respond to your need. 

IMPORTANT:  Although campaign is created, and eventually approved by the administrator; the campaign will be not visible on the site until the user in settings does not set it so! After adding it you should go in settings of the campaign that was previously added. In the line “Make site visible on HelpFundUSA” the you should choose yes. And then “submit” button.

Your Second Step

Send Your Cash Raising Publication To our Friends and Relatives

We have designed an easy automated system and with just a click, all your contacts in Facebook, Twitter and Emails can receive your publication. Yes, it’s that swift. All you will need to do is mark all the contacts you wish to send your proposal to and then just click send and they will have your proposal in their email inbox or feed depending on the forum you choose. You are entitled to choose as many forums as you wish from the available media Help Fund USA may be collaborating with.

Your Third Step 

Claim Your Fund Comfortably

Your funds will automatically come to you as you recieve donations directly to your account you set up. 


Mission Accomplished

Don't forget send vote of thanks messages to your donors. Some of your donors may have gone through one sacrifice or the other; some may have even forfeited a priority just to meet your need, so it is just a polite gesture to show them that you appreciate their deed by sending a thank you message. You may even want to attach a "Thank You" e-card alongside your vote of thanks message.

You can also edit and update your proposal from your Proposal page from time to time.