Why should I use Help Fund USA?

Easy answer is Help Fund USA is the best fundraising website online. The core principle of Help Fund USA is that your supporters will have unparalleled power to leverage the personal capacity and giving back must be a lot more easy and fun. The Help Fund USA platform and our proven record in designing innovative strategies can help you to raise a lot of money. Help Fund USA gives the most comprehensive set of the peer-to-peer, event fundraising tools and team, and we will surprise you with our best customer service. So, contact Us and let us know how we may help you.

Does this cost anything?

While it is totally free to share and create your fundraising campaign online, Help Fund USA may deduct 4% fee from every donation you receive. As our fee is automatically deducted, you will never have to worry of being billed and owing us any kind of money. The small processing fee of 4% will be deducted from every donation. For more info see Pricing and Fees for complete details.

Are there any startup expenses?

You do not have to pay to get started at Help Fund USA. You may build your best compelling page for Help Fund USA in 2 minutes and don't need any IT staff, graphic designers or programmers. We make this very easy you will not even believe it. At the sign up process, you will claim if you are signing up for Celebration or holiday, Personal, or Charity donations. Help Fund USA charges the Transaction Fee: (Help Fund USA 4% + Paypal and / or Wepay 2.9% + 0.30 = Total 6.9% + 0.30 per donation.)

How can I make donation to somebody’s fundraising page?

When you find the fundraising page of a participant or person you wish to support, you may make the donation very easily by clicking the "Donate now" button on the campaign page by using your PayPal, Wepay account or credit card.

Who I must ask?

You know lots of people –more than you actually think! Thus, reach out to the people –family, friends, and colleagues– and ask all of them to make you reach your aim.

Will my campaign be private?

Anybody who has got your Help Fund USA link can access your campaign. There is not any way of keeping your campaign totally private.

Do I need to use my FB account?

Though optional, connecting to your account at Face book is recommended as well as makes sharing of your campaign with your friends and others very easy. The valid Face book account will be needed for all the campaigns that want to appear within the Help Fund USA Directory. Do not worry; we will not post anything on your Face book account till you say so.