Registration on

In order to register and create a project on HelpFundUSA you should type in URL in your browser and you will land on our homepage which look like this: 


STEP 1: If you are new user in order to post a new campaign you should register yourself (Sign Up) on our platform. To do that you should click on “Sign Up” link located in upper right corner on our website.

STEP 2. After clicking on Sign Up Link, a new Pop Up window appears and you have two options: 

  • Option 1: Sign Up with Facebook
  • Option 2: Sign Up with e-mail address; by filling all required info on that pop up window.                   


If you choose the first option and decide to sign up with facebook , all you have to do is to do is to fill in your e-mail account linked with your facebook profile and your facebook password; or if you are already

logged in in facebook on that computer you will be just redirected to your profile on HelpFundUSA. After doing this your account will be successfully created.



OPTION 2: Also you can use your e-mail address to register on HelpFundUSA. Just click on Sign Up link as explained above and in the pop up window please fill all required details: First and last name, Email, Password you want to use on the platform, date of birth and your contact number. After that tick “agree with Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy” box (after reading and understanding them). Finaly, press “SIGN UP” button.



NOTE: The password you enter has to be at least 8 characters long!!!

NOTE 2: Choose your “Date of Birth”.  Your date of birth can also be easily changed when you log in.

NOTE 3: Your phone number has to be 10 digit number. Only numbers are accepted in that field; no brackets or dashes.

STEP 3:  After clicking on “Sign Up” Button; system message will appear on the screen that you have signed up successfully. 

As The Message says, you have to check your e-mail address inbox, find the message sent to you by helpfundUSA (email address: This message contains information about your registration details. At the bottom there is a link that you should click to activate your account.



NOTE: If you are not able to find the e-mail sent to you by HelpFundUSA, please check your Spam or Junk folder.

STEP 4: After clicking on the confirmation link in the message sent to you you will be redirected to our platform where there is a message that your account is successfully activated. After that you can log in (sign in) by using your e-mail and password.



Editing Profile in HelpFundUSA

STEP 1. When you Log in for the first time on HelpFundUSA, you can easily notice that you profile is not completet yet. Therefore, before creating your first campaign it is strongly recommended to edit your profile. To do this, you should be on your profile page. If you are not, there is a link to your profile in upper right corner.




STEP 2. To edit your profile click on edit your profile in the left menu. 


STEP 3: You can notice that fields marked with asterisk (*) are mandatory and you have to fill all of them to successfully save changes on your profile. 



NOTE:  Please be very cautious when you are entering your PayPal e-mail address because all funds collected by your campaign(s) will be sent on that account immediately and automatically.

NOTE 2: You can change the date of birth easily also by clicking on that field. Good practice is to choose the year of birth in dropdown menu, then choose the month and finally pick your date of birth.

NOTE 3: If you have WePay account – you can associate it with your HelpFundUSA profile as well. You should click on the green button and “Grant Access”



STEP 3.  When you are done with editing your profile you should press “Save Changes” button at bottom right corner.




STEP 1. In order to create a new campaign on HelpFundUSA platform you have to be on you “Profile Page” and click on “Add Campaign” button from the left menu.



STEP2. After clicking on “Add Campaign” you will be redirected to a new page to choose the type of campaign you want to create.



  1. If you need money for the celebration and holidays – please pick the first box (blue box)
  2. If you need cash for personal reasons – please pick the box in the middle (yellow box)
  3. If you need cash in order to donate it for certain cause – choose the pink box

STEP 3: Whichever type of campaign you will choose; a new form appears where you should enter campaign details.



  1. In my goal amount you should enter amount needed to be collected by this campaign in USD.  If you don`t want to set a goal you can tick the button next to this field and the campaign will be shaded gray. Not setting a goal is primarily designed for charity campaigns where people can collect as much as possible.
  2. Second field is for your campaign title. Please remember that is has to be at most 24 characters long.
  3. Category: Select the category from the dropdown menu where you campaign best fit in.  Educational, Travel, Business, Charity, Tour, Animal, Medical, Sports, Creative and Wishes are available categories.
  4. Site color – you should pick the background color of your campaign when people will land on it. Its not mandatory and you can keep it gray default color.
  5. Site Theme. Just pick some theme.
  6. Photo -  This will be the featured image for your campaign. You have  two options to attach facebook photo or to upload it from your computer.
    1. Upload Image from Facebook
      i.Click on “Get Facebook Photo”  

                   ii. A new pop up window will appear where you should choose your album,  click on image and then select choose button to upload image.  



  1. Upload Photo from Computer

        i.Press on Upload Photo Button


i.Locate the image file in your computer, click on it and press Open

      7. Video Link: You can add link to videos from YouTube or Vimeo  by simply copy-paste the link fr that video. This video appears below the body text of the campaign. The link should look like this: letters)

    8.City – Enter your city
    9.Zip/Postal Code – Your zip code
   10.Site Message:  Add The body text of your campaign.
   11.Social links – you can add url to your social platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Google+). To do this you have to go to your for example facebook profile, copy your profile URL and paste in the facebook field.
               a. Your Facebook URL should like something like this: number

               b.Your Twitter URL should look like this:

STEP 4. When you have finished with creating your campaign it is recommended to press preview button – located at the bottom. Preview campaign will appear in new window. You can always close this window after finishing your preview.


This button will allow you to see if the campaign is well created and if all the links are clickable.

Step 5. If you are satisfied with your campaign you can press ADD button



After pressing Add Button your campaign is created and submitted for a review. You will be redirected to a new page “My Campaigns” 


You can notice system message that the campaign is added successfully with green letters, and that your campaign appears in my campaign menu. However, your campaign is still not visible on HelpFundUSA platform until it is approved by the administrator.

Editing and Setting Submitted Campaign

If you want to change a submitted campaign you should navigate to “My Campaign” in menu



You can notice that under every successfully created campaign there is a menu with available options for editing and setting your campaign further


Message: This option allows you to automatically set up thank you message for people who will donate on your campaign 


When you click on that button a new window will appear where you should compose your thank you message and after that click on save button.

EDIT: If you want to edit your campaign you should press “EDIT” button


The same window appears as when you are creating new campaign. You can change anything, and when you finish with it just hit the add button on the bottom of the form.

VIEW: This button lets you to view the campaign and its settings. Also you can test the social links if they are properly set up. 

SETTINGS: In settings you can add some of functions to your campaign.


When you click on that button, a new window appears


As You can see, by default all settings are set on “no” (except one) and if you want to change some parameters you can change them here.

  1. If you want visitors to post comments on your campaign switch it to “yes” radio button.
  2. Daily facebook Post – Automatically post the campaign on your timeline, so your facebook friends can notice it and hopefully donate .
  3. Daily Tweets – tweets daily on your behalf on your twitter account
  4. Daily Google Plus  Post – Automatically post the campaign on your timeline on your Google+, so your Google+ followers can notice it and hopefully donate.
  5. Daily Email Post – Posts e-mail messages
  6. Daily Pinterest Post - Automatically post the campaign on your Pinterest Boards so your followers can notice it and hopefully donate
  7. Make site visible on HelpFund USA – If you want to unpublish your campaign (or revert to draft) please choose “No” radio Button. When you want it to be visible for HelpFundUSA visitors and donors you can change to “YES”
  8. Thank Donors Automatically – If you choose yes, you should have to set up a “Thank You message” first. When someone donates you money for the campaign this thank you message is sent to him/her.

DELETE: If You want to delete your campaign press “DELETE” Button

After clicking on this button you will receive a warning message on your screen: 

If you click OK, then the campaign is deleted and this process is not revertible. After that you will get a notification on your screen that the campaign is deleted successfully. 

However if you have pressed “DELETE” button unintentionally and you want to keep that campaign you can press “Cancel” on the warning message that appears.

Making A Draft Message Visible On Platform 

When a user creates a new campaign and he/she doesn’t have time to finish it, he/she may decide to save it as a draft and finish it later.

After finishing the campaign in order to publish it users should take these steps:

STEP 1. When you log in with their username and password, 1. Click on profile (upper right corner); then click on “my Campaign” button.

While in my campaign you can see all campaigns created by yourself. If there is a draft campaign it is indicated with “draft” sign above campaign.

STEP 2 Click on Edit Button

STEP 3 After editing the campaign and if everything is OK, press “ADD” button.  

After pressing add button you will receive message that the campaign is created successfully.

STEP 4 Although campaign is created, and eventually approved by the administrator; the campaign will be not visible on the site until the user in settings does not set it so! After adding it you should go in settings of the campaign that was previously added.

STEP 5 In the line “Make site visible on HelpFundUSA” the you should choose yes. And then “submit” button.

You will receive notification that settings have been updated.